Hidden in the Heart of Himalaya

Located in the Kargil district, Zanskar is one of the top most tourist destinations in Jammu and Kashmir. It is loved by nature lovers, trekkers, photographers and even those who are craving to spend some time alone in the lap of nature and beauty around.

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It is one of the mystical attractions of the mountain covered Ladakhi-Buddhist valley. It is located 235 km away from Kargil. The literal meaning of the term Zanskar is ‘Copper Star.’ Several copper sediments can be found in the rivers that go through Zanskar. The gorgeous Gompas and the high hills are the attractions of Zanskar.

Adventure Sports


Trekking attracts a huge number of adventure lovers to Zanskar. The actual craze of trekking at Zanskar starts with the opening of the motorable road at Kargil (from the beginning of July to the end of October). Chadar Ice Trek route along with the trek routes over the Pentse La, routes to the Singge La, Umasi La, Shingo La and Phitse La and other easy routes from Lamayuru, Leh and Darcha remain open until the middle of October. Zanskar can be seen completely only by trekking through the high rises.

River Rafting

A highly challenging raft on the icy waters of the Zanskar River, is a thrilling adventure which takes you through one of the most breathtaking gorges of the world.

Zanskar Tourist Attractions

Phuktal Gompa

It is a 14th century monastery, which faces a cave entrance and is perched on the hillock. It is set amidst stupas and rosebushes. One can spot the 500 year old Alchi style mural fragments in the Gompa, adding to its value. It is also known for the trekking route involved to reach there.

Karsha Gompa

Located around 2 hours away from Padum, it is one of the largest monasteries present in Zanskar. It dates back to the 10th century. Wobbly wooden columns and old murals are the speciality of the Gompa.

Zangla Palace

It dates back to the connection with the Hungarian scholar Alexander Csoma de Kőrös who took a room here in 1823. It is now being renovated after rising from oblivion and this knoll-top fortress-palace has been transformed into a school for the local children. It is one of the most architecturally beautiful locations in Zanskar.

Sani Gompa

Located 6 km from Padum, it is one of the oldest Gompas in Zanskar. It is a small, two storey prayer hall. It was one of the holiest sites of Buddhism during the time of Kushan Emperor Kanishka.

When to Reach

The best time to take a Zanskar trip is from the months of April to August when the temperature is favourable.

How to Reachh

The best way to reach Zanskar is from Leh airport. Those who want to travel by train can reach the Jammu Tawi station which is located 734 km away.

So, get ready for adventure, trekking, kayaking and river rafting with Zanskar Tourism this season.