Traveling to Ladakh is all about filling your diaries with chapters full of experiences. Beyond the leisure and monastic side of Ladakh, there are stunning silver sand dunes of Hunder in the Nubra Valley region. Like an oasis amidst the cold desert, Hunder Sand Dunes are beautiful beyond imagination. Located at an altitude of 4,000 meters, the desert is cut across by a gentle stream and the beautiful countryside.

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With such stunning landscapes against the backdrop of the snow-clad mountains, the Hunder Sand Dune looks nothing less than a fairy world. Beyond its beauty, the dunes are home to the Bactrian Camels, the major key players during the ancient silk route, and Pashmina Goats. Tourists can also go on a safari on the Bactrian camel that will take them back to the time when the trade was quite prominent within Central Asia and to the remote village of Hunder.


Situated within the periphery of the scenic Nubra Valley, Hunder Village is around 7km from Diskit. It is located around 160km from Leh and can be reached through the Khardung La Pass, the highest motorable pass in the world. Other popular tourist destinations like Srinagar and Kargil are located around 540km and 337km from Hunder Village.

Best Time to VisitHunder

Though the charm and allurement of Hunder Village is more captivating that most of the tourist places in Ladakh, it’s climatic conditions are almost same with the rest. Owing to heavy snowfall and drop in the mercury level, winter cannot be called ideal for a visit to Hunder.

Come summer, Hunder showcases its flamboyance once again as the thick blanket of snow starts melting. Starting from the mid-summer in June to late-summer in August, visitors can expect pleasant climatic conditions in Hunder. The weather remains quiet and clam, visibility across the hamlet gets enhanced, and the surroundings flaunts their beauty at the best. Considering all these, summer is revered as the best time to visit Hunder Village or book Leh Ladakh tour packages and visit this gorgeous village in the Nubra Valley.

Tourist Attractions in Hunder

Samstanling Monastery:

Dating back to the 19th century, this sacred monastery is located within a remote village in the Nubra Valley, and is around 120km from Leh. Nestled amidst scenic vistas, the monastery is decked with captivating murals that depict the life and teachings of Lord Buddha.

Diskit Monastery:

A 14th century monastery in Ladakh, Diskit Monastery belongs to the Gelugpa sect of Buddhists, and is a magnificent place to visit as soon as the Leh Ladakh tour turns towards Hunder. In addition to the religious essence that exists in this pious monastery, visitors can also enjoy panoramic views of almost the entire Nubra Valley from its rooftop.

Yarab Tso Lake:

This high altitude lake in the bosom of Nubra Valley is one of the most mystical lakes in Ladakh. Located within a 15-20 minutes’ drive from Panamik, it can be easily reached while unravelling the pristine beauty of the poised Hunder Village. It is also one of the sought after hiking destinations in the entire of Nubra Valley.


The last village in the gorgeous Nubra Valley, Panamik is also among the major tourist attraction to visit while your Leh Ladakh tour takes you to Hunder! Untouched by the outer world, this village is fringed with rolling hills, captivating valleys, and the seclusion that exists here is simply adorable. While on a tour to this quaint village, visitors can also relax and rejuvenate themselves by taking a dip in Panamik’s natural hot water springs.

Sand Dunes:

Visit them during the day, visit them in the evening, or visit them by night; you might run out of words to express their beauty and charm! An ode to the magical beauty of this scenic desert, these sand dunes are in fact the most enchanting attractions in Hunder! Visitors can enjoy a double-humped Bactrian camel safari around them, enjoy camping around them, or bring out the real shutterbug in them while clicking some of the most amazing snaps of their lives. Yes, the charm and allurement of Hunder sand dunes can be merely expressed in words; they are to be explored and enjoyed!

How to Reach Hunder

By Road:

Hunder can be easily accessed after making it to the Nubra Valley, which can be reached through overland journeys from Leh; via Leh-Manali Highway that passes through the Khardung La Pass. Srinagar can also be a good point to start a road journey to Hunder. However, as the public buses are pretty irregular, hiring private taxis or cabs can be a better idea to reachHunder Village or the Nubra Valley.

By Train:

Nubra Valley has no direct access to railway stations. However, visitors can make it to the Jammu Tawi Railway Station in Srinagar, and commute further to Leh to reach Hunder Village in Nubra Valley.

By Air:

Srinagar Airport or the Leh Airport can be an ideal destination for those who wants to embark on a Leh Ladakh tour via flight journeys. Once in Srinagar or Leh, visitors can easily make it to Hunder Village in Nubra Valley by overland journeys.