Lamayuru In Ladakh

"Moonland of Ladakh"

Lamayuru is a small village situated midway between Kargil and Leh on NH1-D also known as the Srinagar- Leh Highway. It is situated 100 km ahead of Leh, after Fotu La- the highest pass on the Srinagar-Leh Highway. Known as the 'place of freedom' and housing the oldest and one of the largest monasteries in Ladakh region,

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Lamayuru is the place to visit for all those seeking peace and tranquillity. Lamayuru is immensely famous for a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery located nearby. However, its claim to fame is accredited to the surreal breathtaking view of moonlike landscapes carved into the mountains. A large lake long ago dried up and the protrusions looked like the surface of the moon. Tourists from various places visit this relatively serene destination to immerse in this scenic beauty.


In order to reach Lamayuru, one has to travel 107 kilometers west from Leh. Either you can take a short bypass from the nearby Srinagar-Leh road or set off on a trail to the Prikiti-La pass- the gateway to Zanskar.

What is the best time to visit Lamayuru?

Summers in Lamayuru are quite warm and offer the best time to visit. Slight showers during the monsoons also make the season an almost ideal time. However, there are chances of landslides and cloudbursts during the monsoons. Winters tend to be quite cold with the minimum temperature touching 5 degrees Celsius.

Fairs and festivals of Lamayuru

This region is popular for two annual festivals, and both are celebrated on a grand scale. Yuru Kab Gyat and Hemis Tse Chu are celebrated in the 2nd and 5th month of the Tibetan lunar calendar. Hemis Tse Chu is the biggest monastic festival in Ladakh and lasts for two days. Yuru Kab Gyat is also a two-day-long festival, in which sacred rituals and dances are performed by the monks.

What else you can at Lamayuru?

Apart from spending some time at the monastery, make sure you also enjoy a walk in the village. Ladakhis, with their exuberant smile, are warm people and you can break ice by simply greeting them, saying “Julley” (Hello in Ladakhi). You can even put your fitness level to test by going on a hike on these moon-like craters.

How to Reach Lamayuru

By Flight

Lamayuru doesn't have an airport of its own. The nearest airport is at Leh, which is only 125 km away and receive frequent flights from the rest of the country. Another nearby airport is the Srinagar airport which is 300 km away from Lamayuru. From both these destinations, you can either hire a taxi or a cab or if you are looking for a cheaper option you can also take a bus.

By Road

Lamayuru is connected to the rest of the country via a decent road network. There are frequent buses plying on this route. There are regular buses from cities like Udhampur, Jammu, Srinagar and Leh. You can also hire a taxi from these destinations.

By Train

Lamayuru doesn't have a railway station of its own. The nearest railway station is at Jammu, and from here you will have to take either take a bus or a hire a taxi till Lamayuru. On the bright side, the road is beautiful and picturesque and an absolute delight.