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Ladakh Calendar

Ladakhis use the Tibetan calendar for, among other things, determining the dates of monastic festivals. The Tibetan calendar is rather complicated and varies from year to year, making it difficult to convert Western to Tibetan dates and vice versa. The first difficulty is that the Tibetan lunar year is supposed to be twelve 30-day months. This only adds up to 360 days per year, so every third year an extra month is added and put in anywhere among the twelve months that is considered auspicious for that year.

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Calendar of Monastic Festivals in Ladakh 2021 to 2022

Name of the festival Location Dates 2021 Dates 2022
Spituk Gustor Spituk Monastery 11-12 Jan 29-30 Jan
Dosmochey Leh, Likir, Diskit 09-10 Feb 27-28 Feb
Stok Guru Tsechu Stok Palace 21-22 Feb 10-11 Mar
Matho Nagrang Matho Monastery 26-27 Feb 17-18 Mar
Shey Doo Lhoo Shey Monastery 12 Mar 31 Mar
Saka Dawa All over Ladakh 26 May 14 Jun
Sindhu Darshan near Shey village 12-14 Jun xx-xx Jun
Yuru Kabgyat Lamayuru Monastery 07-08 Jun 26-27 Jun
Hemis Tsechu Hemis Monastery 20-21 Jun 08-09 Jul
Shachukul Kabgyat Shachukul Monastery 27-28 Jun 15-16 Jul
Phyang Tserup Phyang Monastery 07-08 Jul 25-26 Jul
Korzok Gustor Korzok Monastery 12-13 Jul 30-31 Jul
Takthok Tsechu Takthok Monastery 20-21 Jul 06-07 Aug
Ladakh Festival Leh town 01-04 Sep xx-xx Sep
Diskit Gustor Diskit Monastery 03-04 Oct 22-23 Oct
Thiksey Gustor Thiksey Monastery 23-24 Oct 11-12 Nov
Chemrey Wangchok Chemrey Monastery 02-03 Nov 21-22 Nov
Galdan Namchot All over Ladakh 29 Dec 18 Dec
Ladakhi Losar (New Year) All over Ladakh 03 Jan 22 23 Dec

Festivals in Ladakh

Galdan Namchot


Spituk Gustor


Yargon Tungshak

Stok Guru Tsechu

Matho Nagrang

Saka Dawa

Sindhu Darshan


Yuru Kabgyat

Stongday Gustor

Karsha Gustor

Thiksey Gustor

Tak-Tok Festival